Shipping, customs and tax for shipments to USA

Shipping to USA

  • The shipping cost is (USD) $15
  • That's a flat fee per order, no matter how many boxes you buy.
  • You'll receive your EyeLoccs about 12 days after you order.
  • The shipment will be fully trackable


Read on if you'd like more information...


Your order will be shipped from Adelaide, Australia.

That is quite a long way.  Roughly 9,300 miles.

We're using EMS for freight.  EMS is an international courier service which feeds into most domestic postal systems for "last mile" delivery.  You can read more about EMS here if you want to.

Here are the results from a few test shipments completed in December 2023.  These were probably delayed a little, due to being close to Christmas. 

Order Days
10 boxes to FL 9
3 boxes to MA  14
10 boxes to CA 11
5 boxes to NJ 12

We'll continue to monitor transit times and add to that table.

All of those shipments arrived free of tax and customs duty.  They were delivered like any normal parcel in the post  - just a bit more urgently.

If you are asked to pay tax or duty, please let us know here.  Send us the details and we'll refund enough of your purchase price to cover it.  We're happy to do this, it's essential information we need to have to share with future customers.