Usage Instructions

EyeLocc™ - Eyelid Occlusion Dressings



Usage Instructions

Steps for application:

  1. Open the packaging, from the end marked "Peel from this end".
  2. Note that there are two identical EyeLocc™s in each package, and either EyeLocc™ can be used on either of the patient's eyes.
  3. Remove middle portion of backing material.
  4. Hold on to the non-stick tabs, one in each hand.
  5. Place the EyeLocc™ over the closed eye so the eyelashes and majority of the upper eyelid can be seen through the clear centre viewing window.
  6. Ensure that the EyeLocc™ has made a tight seal with the eye socket and there are no gaps between the EyeLocc™ and the skin.
  7. Repeat with the second EyeLocc™.
  8. To remove the EyeLocc™, gently peel it off from the medial to the lateral corner of the eye, using the non-stick tabs.
  9. Dispose of the EyeLocc™s. The dressings are not intended for multiple applications.
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