Product Information

What is EyeLocc™?

The EyeLocc™ is a unique dressing specifically designed for eyelid occlusion during general anaesthesia.

It provides quick, complete, and safe eye closure. This ensures that the eye maintains its moisture throughout the procedure, and is protected from external harm.

The EyeLocc™ has many benefits, including:

Why is EyeLocc™ the better choice?

Sterile and individually wrapped, the EyeLocc™ significantly decreases application and removal time, and the risk of cross-contamination

An inner clear window allows for intraoperative monitoring of eye closure, while an outer opaque border assists with correct placement of the dressing. The dressing is extremely flexible, making it conform perfectly to the eye socket leaving no gaps.

The inner window section has gentle adhesive, preventing eyelid trauma and removal of eyelashes, while ensuring the eye remains closed throughout the procedure.

The outer section has stronger adhesive, completely sealing the eye, protecting from air, chemicals, and foreign materials. It also maintains eye closure for extended periods of time.

Non-adhesive tabs allow for easy application and removal, even with gloved hands.