Cost Efficiency

How does the EyeLocc™ save the hospital money?

The EyeLocc™ decreases theatre time consumption. This is due to the quick and easy application of the dressing as opposed to tape. Tape is very fiddly and with gloved hands it can be difficult to apply effectively.

Each minute in the operating theatre costs an average of $66. This includes OR fee, anaesthetist fee, other personnel and medications used to keep the patient under anaesthesia. Using EyeLocc™ saves around 30-60 seconds per case, compared to using tape. Thus the hostpial will save $33-$66 per case by using EyeLocc™.

The cost of treating corneal abrasions can also be quite substantial. The hospital will incur extra costs associated with diagnosis, treatment and the extended stay.

How does the EyeLocc™ save the anaesthetist money?

Eye injuries account for 2-3% of legal claims against anaesthetists. This number could be reduced significantly with adequate methods of eye injury prevention in place. Litigation costs to hospital and/or medical staff can be extremely high. Therefore a simple prevention method can save a fortune.


Read the research behind these numbers:

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