Multi-zone Adhesion

The EyeLoccâ„¢ has highly specialised adhesive technology that is formulated to increase the efficiency of eyelid occlusion while minimising risk of trauma.

Zone 1 - Light adhesive

The clear window that goes over the most sensitive part of the eye, the eyelid and eyelashes, is coated with a very light adhesive.

The purpose of this light adhesive is twofold:

  1. It ensures that the eye remains closed during the length of the procedure.
  2. It minimises risk of eyelid trauma and eyelash removal upon removal of the dressing.

Zone 2 - Stronger adhesive

The white border around the outer border of the dressing has a stronger adhesive than the middle part.

The purpose of this is to ensure that the dressing forms a complete seal for maximum protection, as well as making sure that the dressing stays in place for extended periods of time.

Zone 3 - Non-adhesive

The tabs extending from either side of the dressing are non-adhesive. This is to assist with easy handling of the dressing, especially with gloved hands.